I am a 20-year old Theatre Tech student at Northern Oklahoma College. I want to either go into Technical Direction or Stage Management, either way, Theatre is my life and I can't see myself doing anything else~

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So today a community theatre in my area concluded their auditions for a children’s show called “The Pirates of Penzance”. The cool thing is that I get to stage manage it!

Now I know some of you may think “Oh kid’s show yeah whoo that’s great”, but honestly, I love getting the chance to do these shows. It’s only on a volunteer basis, but really I couldn’t care less. I’m not in it for the money.

I started doing shows for this company back in the summer after my Junior year of high school(that’s…sweet baby dolphin that’s like 4-5 years ago…), and I’ve been doing at least once a year since. Sure, children’s theatre isn’t everyone’s first choice. There’s usually a small army of sugar-crazed undisciplined children and at least double that amount of picky spoils-the-sugar-crazed-demons parents/guardians. There are days when we fall behind on schedule. Most of the kids aren’t off-book until opening night, and never take the time to rehearse their solos/lines outside of rehearsal. Yeah, it’s stressful, I know for a fact it is.

However, this is what keeps bringing me back: no matter who the child is, what their parents are like, how many friends they have, how much money they have, or what their home life is like, doing these shows gives them a reason to be happy. When they get the feeling that they’ve done something as awesome as doing a play - even if it’s not their life’s goal - it gives them a reason to be proud, and it gives them confidence that they can achieve things when they work at it. Seeing those kids during rehearsals or after a show night, with big smiles on their faces, knowing they’re a part of something as beautiful as theatre…

Well, honestly, that’s all the payment I need.

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